Choosing The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Indoor plants can purify the air and curb the appeal of your home. If you want your plants to be healthy and happy, you have to choose them with great care. Always seek for plants that don’t require too much attention from your side. Also, ensure that you make your choices based on the conditions your home can provide.

If, for instance, you need some plants to put on a windowsill that receives plenty of light throughout the whole day, you’ll want to take a closer look into the most popular types of succulents such as haworthia and echeveria. A rubber tree would also make a great choice, provided that you offer it plenty of space around it. Aloe vera is another plant that loves bright and sunny spots and very dry soils. Its juice is great for healing wounds and skin rashes.

If you need indoor plants to place in bathrooms or in other spaces with high humidity and indirect light, you may want to choose a bird’s nest fern. Its bright green color and its ripple-edged fronds have a powerful visual impact, Also, this plant is pet friendly, so you won’t have to worry about your four-legged friends being poisoned by accident. The peace lily is another great choice for bright but shady spots in your house. As this plant releases oxygen at night, it can find its place in the bedroom. Beware, thought, the peace lily isn’t pet-friendly.

The philodendron is another beautiful indoor plant that doesn’t require a lot of care. If you don’t overwater it, this plant will make a very nice addition to your living room.

These are only a few of the best indoor plants to choose for your home. Depending on your available space and on your willingness to cater to lots of plants, you can add some varieties of hoya carnosa and passiflora caerulea. Their flowers are simply amazing and they can lift your mood in a split second.

One of the members of grease trap services in Phoenix is starting to collect indoor plants for his house. Quarantine makes him do it and he loves it.

Which Rototiller: Gas or Electric

Buying A Rototiller:  Gas Or Electric?

There are two main types of rototillers available: the gas type and the electric type. Depending on your needs and preferences you can buy the one that is suitable for your garden. To make it easier for you, here is a short comparison between the two types.

Gas Rototillers: Pros And Cons

Pros: 4-stroke models of gas mini-tillers are usually powerful enough to handle just about any gardening job. Gas-powered tillers usually perform better than electric tillers. They are suitable for tending to areas less than 3000 square feet. Most gas tillers have a swath 9-10 inches wide, and are suitable for tilling in tight spaces. Besides that, gas tillers are more portable as they don’t have a power cord like electric tillers.

Cons: Gas-powered tillers require much more maintenance than electric tillers, and are much noisier too. If you dislike maintaining equipment too much or have fussy neighbors who like their peace and quiet, then gas tillers are not for you. Gas tillers also have the disadvantage of being environmentally-unfriendly, as they use gas as running fuel. They also tend to be heavier than electric tillers.

Electric Rototillers: Pros And Cons

Pros: There are two types of electric rototillers, the corded ones and the battery-powered ones. The corded ones are suitable for small to average gardening jobs, and they do not pollute the environment like gas tillers do. They are also quite inexpensive, and more lightweight. Corded tillers are also quieter and low-maintenance, which is why they are slowly becoming the preference for smaller gardens. Battery-powered tillers offer the same advantages as corded tiller, with the added advantage of being cordless. However, their output is much less than a corded tiller.

Cons: Electric tillers do not perform as well as gas-powered tillers, and are suitable for smaller tilling jobs only. Corded tillers can reduce mobility drastically, and the cord itself is a nuisance since you may accidentally cut it while tilling your garden. Battery-powered tillers run for only about 30 minutes on a full charge, and that can be a bummer on its own.


If you want performance and have difficult soil to handle, with land that covers a large area, then gas-powered tillers should be your choice, even if they pollute the environment and are noisy. This is because electric tillers cannot give the same performance most of the time. If you have a smaller area to till and don’t need such a high-powered rototiller, then electric tillers should do the trick. Be sure to get the right type of rototiller though, or you might end up disappointed because you can’t use it effectively for your garden.

Garden Rototiller Buying Guide – What should I look for?

There are a few things to look out for when buying a rototiller and they are highlighted below.


There are two main types of rototillers: gas and electric. The former uses gas and oil as fuel, while the latter runs on electricity. As you can see, electric rototillers are more eco-friendly. Not only that, electric tillers are quieter and lighter than gas tillers. Gas tillers also require more maintenance than electric tillers. However, when it comes to performance, the two differ quite significantly (see next section).


Gas tillers generally perform better, as they deliver a more powerful output. If you have to till land that is rocky or hard in nature, gas tillers should probably be your choice. If your garden has been tilled previously or is smaller in size, then an electric tiller should be adequate. If you have a very large area of land which is rocky and hard, then it’s best to get a powerful and large gas tiller to till the land first. However, if you only plan to till this piece of land properly once or twice a year, it’s much more economical to rent these large tillers.


Electric tiller (the corded ones) are a lot less mobile than gas tillers, which contributes to the reason of why they can only be used to till small areas of land. If mobility is a must and you think that you might be clumsy enough to accidently cut your power cord while tilling, then you should stay away from electric tillers. Also note that the cords of electric tillers may destroy plants when dragged across them.


As various tillers come at different price ranges, it’s a good step to first determine your budget before you start shopping. Do your research before purchasing a tiller; not all expensive tillers are of good quality and not all inexpensive ones are of mediocre quality.


Different tillers have different weeding capacities; while some rototillers till lands excellently, they fail to weed properly without disturbing the plants you want. If you want to use your tiller to weed your garden as well, then be sure to confirm the effectiveness of a particular tiller at weeding.


Some tillers have accessories which you can buy to help them become more multi-purposed, such as aerators, dethatchers, edgers, trimmers, and so on. Having these add-ons available can be a good thing in case you decide to use your tiller for more than just plain tilling.


Before you buy a particular tiller, check the warranty to see what it covers (parts, service, etc). When buying from a dealer, ask if they provide repair services as well; if not, be sure to check if the nearest service centre is of an accessible distance for you.

I hope the tips above help you in deciding on the perfect rototiller for your gardening needs. Choose wisely and you will not be disappointed.

Sun Joe TJ600E Garden Rototiller Review

With the successes in the research and development of electric motors we can now have powerful (high torque) electric motors that are both light and compact as used in the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller.

This has been a huge advantage for garden machinery where previously gas operation was your only option. Today we see highly effective garden machinery that is safely driven by electricity.

Machines like the Sun Joe garden rototiller save a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” in the garden arena. All you have to do is plug them into the power supply, turn them on and they run at the flick of a switch. No setting chokes or pulling cords and hoping the gas engine will power into life.

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller has four steel blade cutting tines and these are angled slightly to improve the effectiveness of loosening up compact dirt.  Some of you reading this may think that machines like the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller are too small and light to be much good at loosening old turf or compact ground – but the truth is they are quite capable. Obviously the amount they can till in a single pass is limited but apart from this they are capable machines.

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller tills a 14 inch wide path with each pass and can dig to a depth of 7 inches. So you can see the advantage of this machine over the manual process of either hoeing or shoveling.

The motor behind the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller is 6.5 amps and represents no more worries about flat batteries, empty gas cans or getting the oil:gas mixture right.  Electric powered technology means it is  push button, instant start, smooth running technology – ready at the flick of a switch.

For safety there is a switch designed so that there can be no unexpected startups, and the bioengineered design with separate handles means the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller is both safe and comfortable to use.

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller has a center of gravity that helps improve its handling and maneuverability, and weighing 17 pounds is heavy enough to do its job but light enough to move around.

Its compact size and ability to fold up means storage space is not an issue.

There is a comprehensive manual, including a 32 point general operations section. The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller  is ETL inspected and approved, and has a two year full warranty.

Of course because of its light weight and compactness the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller can be used as a follow up to weed and “hoe”  flower beds and the vegetable garden.

Sun Joe Garden Rototiller Specifications

  • Four angled, steel blade tines
  • Bioengineered and well balanced for ease of use.
  • Tilling width – 14 inches, Tilling depth up to 7 inches.
  • Handle can be folded for easey storage.
  • The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller Weighs 17 pounds
  • Full 2-year warranty
  • Safety switch to stop unexpected startups

Sun Joe Garden Rototiller Review

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller  is a popular brand of tiller with 68% of users rating it a 5 and followed by 24% rating it a 4,  so 92% of people who use this tiller were happy with its performance.

Users found the assembly of the Sun Joe garden rototiller to be pretty easy and appreciated the detailed manual that has very clear instructions. Most users were surprised with the power of the tiller and those who had done a bit of research liked the wide spacing of the cutting tines. Some users made the helpful comment that it is important to use a heavy duty extension cord to reduce the risk of engine over heating – 12 gauge is good.

Some thought it was a little bit light because penetration into the soil was low.  This may have been due to impatience, however, because others had no problem with the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller digging down and found if you didn’t move too fast and used a forward and back method the tiller worked fine. A lot of users cross-tilled anyway to get a better result all over.

I think that a slower more careful approach to using the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller will pay dividends for the user. You can’t expect any rototiller to do a 100% job if undertaken at a slow walking pace. From comments made it is clear that the user has to judge how the rototiller performs as they progress, and trial and error will tell them how fast they can go and still cultivate to a good depth.

One thing that impressed a lot of the users was the strength of the tines when rocks or stones got stuck in them. The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller would stop automatically and users would then hammer the offending rock out of the tines fearing the worst – but once the rock was dislodged, the tines were undamaged and the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller fired into action once more.

Some thought the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller  would be improved if it had wheels and others were a bit concerned how much soil it threw up.

One reviewer had seven raised beds totaling about 200 ft2 and it took her about an hour to till all these beds with her Sun Joe Garden Rototiller. The power was supplied by a small solar system charging two, 115 amp hr RV batteries, and using a 2000 watt inverter and she didn’t find the work strenuous. The reviewer was 68 years young.

In light of what we have read and seen we would strongly recommend the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller.

Precise Tilling With Mini Rototillers

Mini rototillers are tillers that have been designed on a smaller scale than the usual rototillers. They are designed in this way so that that they can serve the purpose of tilling in small spaces and in land that has been cultivated on before. They are available at garden and nursery supply stores. There are two main types of mini rototillers namely electric and gas tillers. Electric tillers are quiet and cause no pollution. However, they produce lesser power when compared to gas tillers.

Mini rototillers can feature attachments that turn them into tools that can be used for many activities in the garden.

These types of rototillers with attachments are beneficial for gardeners who wish to save space and money for they do not have to purchase a number of different tools. Their small sizes make them appealing for several reasons. One of these reasons is that they are easily operated by one person and therefore gardeners to do not have to get assisted by others.

The other reason why the small size of mini rototillers is appealing is that gardeners can use them to work in cramped places. They are able to work on all areas in a garden including the small corners that are hard to reach when a gardener is using a regular rototiller. These rototillers may also feature adjustable tines that allow a gardener to gradually increase depths as he or she works the soil.
The main disadvantage of mini rototillers is that they are not as powerful as full size tillers.

However, this is not a problem in the garden even though it can turn into an issue when one is working in a bigger space. For example, it can be inconvenient to work with this tool in a big garden since it covers less ground.

When using mini rototillers, it is important to take certain precautions since they can lead to serious injuries. The first thing to do is to ensure that you follow all the instructions in the manual that comes with these tools. In this way, you will know how all the features and buttons of the tillers work. When you turn on the tiller, always make sure that you inspect it for wear, tear and damage.

The other thing to do when using mini rototillers is to ensure that you put on the right clothes every time.

Since these tillers always throw debris and dirt when you are working with them, they can cause cuts and abrasions if you do not have protective clothing. The clothes you wear should be long sleeved tops and long pants. You can also put on tall boots in order to reduce the chances that debris will hit your legs. You can also ensure that debris do not hit you by leaving the safety guards intact.

You should also be careful not to overwork your tiller since all mini rototillers are rated for specific types of tasks. If you work them to hard, you may damage them or hurt yourself. If at any one time you find that the tiller is making strange noises or if you smell an unusual odor, you should turn it off immediately and inspect it.

The other important thing to note about using mini rototillers is that you should always ensure that they are properly maintained. You should never neglect them and this will ensure that they will always run efficiently.

Small Tray Gardening – Indoor Gardening

I will be following the steps below and documenting with photos and a video or two. If this works, I will be able to harvest four heads of romaine lettuce on week 11 and four heads every week after that.

I do some of my indoor vegetable gardening in my kitchen so its easy to think of it as “EARLY COOKING”.


  • Romaine Lettuce Under Lights


  • Floor space – 18″x48″
  • Power – 108 watts/16 hours per day


  • 1 packet – lettuce seeds
  • 12 oz. – seed starting mix (per week)
  • 1-1/2 quarts – Grow Mix*** (per week)
  • 1 or 2 – fluorescent light fixtures to cover 18″ by 48″ growing area.
  • 5 – Small Trays (8″x12″) One tray is used as a “seed starting tray” and four are used as “grow trays”.
  • 16 – Nursery pots or Feetpots* (4″ diameter)
  • 6 – Fourstarts**
  • Masking tape
  • Sharpie pen
  • Water


Weeks 1 through 6 – Each week plant seeds for four romaine lettuce plants in a Fourstart**. Use a Sharpie pen to write the current date on a piece of masking tape and attach to side of pot. Top with a humidity dome and place in seed starting tray.

NOTE – The humidity dome should be removed as soon as seedlings emerge.

Weeks 7 through 10 – Take the Fourstart with the oldest seedlings from the seed starting tray and transplant it’s contents into four individual Feetpots filled with grow mix. Then place these Feetpots in one of the grow trays. Remove the piece of masking tape from the Fourstart and attach it to the side of the tray. Recycle the now empty Fourstart by washing the pot and partitions thoroughly with warm soapy water. Use this clean Fourstart to plant new seedlings and place in seed starting tray. Use a Sharpie pen to write the current date on a piece of masking tape and attach to side of pot.
Week 11 and every week thereafter – Harvest four heads of romaine lettuce from the oldest of the four grow trays. Thoroughly wash the empty Feetpots and their tray with warm soapy water. Add wicks and soil mix. Transplant seedlings from the oldest Fourstart in seed starting tray into the newly washed Feetpots and tray.  Remove the date label from the Fourstart and attach it to the side of the tray. Thoroughly wash the empty Fourstart. Plant four new seedlings and place in the seed starting tray. Use a Sharpie pen to write the current date on a piece of masking tape and attach to side of pot.

Yields: 4 heads romaine lettuce every week.


*Feetpot – A nursery pot with feet, wicks and Grow Mix*** or seed starting mix.

**Fourstart – A Feetpot or standard nursery pot with partitions that create four deep root seed starting cells.

Partitions are made using scissors to cut apart square nursery potsPa
Partitions inserted in a round nursery pot create four chambers
***Grow Mix – Two parts potting mix with one part blended compost.
Standard nursery pots instead of Feetpots. You will need to be better at watering than I am. My wife can judge when a plant needs water by feeling the weight of the pot. Theres also a tool I’ve tried lately that Im using to remove grass in my garden since upon starting my experiments I’ve completely forgot to trim the weeds. I’ve never been good at doing that, so I invented Feetpots. Think of a Feetpot as a nursery pot with training wheels. All you need to do is keep a small amount of water (one inch or less) in the tray.
Two large 11″x22″ trays instead of five small trays. You will need to devise a way to keep track of the weekly plant sets.

Brass Candle Sconces For Interior Decorating

Country decor mixes the premier wonder of Indigenous American art with the classy lines of a up to date home to form a warm, demonstrative atmosphere. The addition of American Indian ledger drawings or native-inspired sculptures also boosts the effects of the country theme. Normal hand-crafted star covers and painted animal hides frequently outline this kind of decor. Star Covers These covered Indigenous American blankets are made from little colourful pieces of diamond-shaped fabric stitched together to form an ideal 8-point star.

At the store, esquire the face weight of the wool rugs you’ve selected. Luckily, most wool area rugs are proof against fire and stain, which is ideal for heavy traffic houses. Maintaining a wool rug Wool area rugs are highly sturdy and perfect for houses with youngsters and pets. These small notes will really help to jog your memory of some on the details in the room. Follow these straightforward steps to scrub the rug : Vacuum each side of it Use stain remover to take out the remains of different random spills Place the rug in a clean spot outside of the house and wet it with a garden hose. If you’ve a finished piece of furniture, do beneath it and trim off a little piece of fabric and tape it on to the sheet.

As an example: You may well think that 2 new accent tables placed on each side of your settee would be great. Your house is like a refuge and the home decorating desires to reflect the flavor of the people living in that home. Or a new picture above the hall console table that brings in the colors of the sectional with the rug will help pull the room all together. If you really appreciate native creativeness from various cultures around the world and wish to decorate your refuge in a novel pattern of colors and elements that are borrowed not only from one culture but varied cultures, then try and mix different themes. Moroccan galvanized interior decorating is typically influenced fundamentally. Make your house a culturally suffused home that tells stories of different ethnic affiliation from east to west and north to south. Then you roll off the transfer paper the decal is applied to.

Then you apply the decal to the wall along one edge and then use it on the wall smoothing it out as you go. I am not sure about you but I do not believe wall coverings can get any more easy then that So if you do not have a considerable time to transform and you would like to save a little bit of cash but still make some changes to your living environment give wall decals an idea. What you believed there was more? Nope that is it. Give them a try to get your creative energies flowing.

Picking Bean Bag Chairs To Fit Your Interior Decorating

Have you bought on an impulse a Holstein Cow canister, enormous white Rooster for your kitchen, or curtain panels as the decorator told you it was just what you required? If that is the case this paper will assist in avoiding those bad screw-ups in buying interior decor accents. Come up with a plan of what you need to do in your place and work your scheme.

We’ll show you an easy plan than you can implement that successful patrons have utilized for years when looking for home furniture. When you get home with those items regularly folks aren’t as excited as they were at the store, but know precisely what to do. Then you apply the decal to the wall along one edge and then use it on the wall smoothing it out as you go. That is it, your done.

Then you roll off the transfer paper the decal is applied to. Nope that is it. I do not know about you but I don’t believe wall coverings can get any more easy then that So if you do not have a load of time to transform and you wish to save a bit of cash but still make some changes to your living environment give wall decals a concept. Give them a try to get your creative energies flowing. The number implies the quantity of wool the area rug contains and will give you more info about its quality and capability to resist wear. Luckily, most wool area rugs are immune to fire and stain, which is ideal for serious traffic houses. Maintaining a wool rug Wool area rugs are highly sturdy and excellent for houses with youngsters and pets.

A home stuffed with the minimalist and distinct pieces of furniture speaks plenty about your fashion statement. Follow these straightforward steps to wash the rug : Vacuum either side of it Use stain remover to take out the residue of diverse random spills Place the rug in a clean spot outside of the house and wet it with a garden hose. If it is a living room, where you wish to sip a coffee with your other half or your snug bedroom where you are feeling so chilled out and secured, each room has a story to tell. Make your house a culturally suffused home that tells stories of different ethnic affiliation from east to west and north to south.

If you really appreciate native creativeness from various cultures across the world and need to decorate your refuge in a singular pattern of colors and elements that are borrowed not simply from one culture but varied cultures, then attempt to mix different themes. Moroccan provoked interior decorating is principally influenced naturally.

Home remodeling with useful ideas

Home is our personal space where we feel safe and relaxed. We start feeling homesick if we stay away from our home for long time. This is because; we have a special attachment with our house. The dearest to us after our family is our house. The primary reason behind this is, as like our family, we share lot of ups and downs, happiness and sadness with our house too.

Interior decoration is for making our home comfy and pleasant. But it is not an easy job to design the interior. This is why we hire an interior designer and spend lots of money decorating our house. What if we add up some innovative ideas and make this place even more relaxing on our own? This is not as difficult as we take it. Just some innovation in our thinking and we are half done. To help you out in decorating the house on your own, here are some innovative ideas.

First and foremost, colors of your walls are imperative. Rather than opting for the same off-whites and whites, go for colors which are brighter and full of life. Mostly brown and orange, yellow and green, blue and pink combination work well to give your house that lively look.

Another important thing is, color the walls according to the size of room. If the room is smaller, paint it with faint colors to make the room appear spacious. Darker colors can go well with bigger rooms. Try energetic red, calm green, warm yellow etc.

Another great idea would be to integrate structures right into the design. Cabinet built into the walls would look sleek and amazing. Lighting fixtures built into existing moldings can make a room brighter without adding clutter. You can even add a hidden cabinet where you can store important documents. Spaces for a whole fire proof safe box can even be created for a cleaner less cluttered look.

60% of the room should be colored with the lightest shade, 30% with mid-tone and the rest 10% with deeper one. This is a good color co-ordination for cozier and smarter looks whatever the size of your room is.

Coming to your furniture, go for furniture which goes well with color of walls. Choose appropriate colors to make a great combination of furniture and walls. If your furniture is more colorful, go for bright colors for the walls. On the other hand if your furniture has light colors, switch on to deep colors for walls. This will make a perfect balance of the color scheme.

One interesting accessory to decorate your house can be small indoor plants. This will give a natural look to your house and you can feel more relaxed. Place the plants near wall which will match with their green color. Placing a plant near a wall having yellow color is the best idea to make it look awesome and highlighting.

Co-ordinate the color of walls and your furniture accessories like cushion with the wall colors. Pillow-covers exactly matching one of your wall’s colors will look magnificent.

Another important interior decoration accessory is lights. Lights add that extra charm to your house. Wide varieties of stylish lights are available which can decorate your house beautifully.

MONIKER Cycle Horns

Handlebars made out of recycled metals and real deer antlers.

Created as a one-off design concept.






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