Which Rototiller: Gas or Electric


Buying A Rototiller:  Gas Or Electric?

There are two main types of rototillers available: the gas type and the electric type. Depending on your needs and preferences you can buy the one that is suitable for your garden. To make it easier for you, here is a short comparison between the two types.

Gas Rototillers: Pros And Cons

Pros: 4-stroke models of gas mini-tillers are usually powerful enough to handle just about any gardening job. Gas-powered tillers usually perform better than electric tillers. They are suitable for tending to areas less than 3000 square feet. Most gas tillers have a swath 9-10 inches wide, and are suitable for tilling in tight spaces. Besides that, gas tillers are more portable as they don’t have a power cord like electric tillers.

Cons: Gas-powered tillers require much more maintenance than electric tillers, and are much noisier too. If you dislike maintaining equipment too much or have fussy neighbors who like their peace and quiet, then gas tillers are not for you. Gas tillers also have the disadvantage of being environmentally-unfriendly, as they use gas as running fuel. They also tend to be heavier than electric tillers.

Electric Rototillers: Pros And Cons

Pros: There are two types of electric rototillers, the corded ones and the battery-powered ones. The corded ones are suitable for small to average gardening jobs, and they do not pollute the environment like gas tillers do. They are also quite inexpensive, and more lightweight. Corded tillers are also quieter and low-maintenance, which is why they are slowly becoming the preference for smaller gardens. Battery-powered tillers offer the same advantages as corded tiller, with the added advantage of being cordless. However, their output is much less than a corded tiller.

Cons: Electric tillers do not perform as well as gas-powered tillers, and are suitable for smaller tilling jobs only. Corded tillers can reduce mobility drastically, and the cord itself is a nuisance since you may accidentally cut it while tilling your garden. Battery-powered tillers run for only about 30 minutes on a full charge, and that can be a bummer on its own.


If you want performance and have difficult soil to handle, with land that covers a large area, then gas-powered tillers should be your choice, even if they pollute the environment and are noisy. This is because electric tillers cannot give the same performance most of the time. If you have a smaller area to till and don’t need such a high-powered rototiller, then electric tillers should do the trick. Be sure to get the right type of rototiller though, or you might end up disappointed because you can’t use it effectively for your garden.


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