Sun Joe TJ600E Garden Rototiller Review


With the successes in the research and development of electric motors we can now have powerful (high torque) electric motors that are both light and compact as used in the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller.

This has been a huge advantage for garden machinery where previously gas operation was your only option. Today we see highly effective garden machinery that is safely driven by electricity.

Machines like the Sun Joe garden rototiller save a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” in the garden arena. All you have to do is plug them into the power supply, turn them on and they run at the flick of a switch. No setting chokes or pulling cords and hoping the gas engine will power into life.

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller has four steel blade cutting tines and these are angled slightly to improve the effectiveness of loosening up compact dirt.  Some of you reading this may think that machines like the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller are too small and light to be much good at loosening old turf or compact ground – but the truth is they are quite capable. Obviously the amount they can till in a single pass is limited but apart from this they are capable machines.

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller tills a 14 inch wide path with each pass and can dig to a depth of 7 inches. So you can see the advantage of this machine over the manual process of either hoeing or shoveling.

The motor behind the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller is 6.5 amps and represents no more worries about flat batteries, empty gas cans or getting the oil:gas mixture right.  Electric powered technology means it is  push button, instant start, smooth running technology – ready at the flick of a switch.

For safety there is a switch designed so that there can be no unexpected startups, and the bioengineered design with separate handles means the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller is both safe and comfortable to use.

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller has a center of gravity that helps improve its handling and maneuverability, and weighing 17 pounds is heavy enough to do its job but light enough to move around.

Its compact size and ability to fold up means storage space is not an issue.

There is a comprehensive manual, including a 32 point general operations section. The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller  is ETL inspected and approved, and has a two year full warranty.

Of course because of its light weight and compactness the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller can be used as a follow up to weed and “hoe”  flower beds and the vegetable garden.

Sun Joe Garden Rototiller Specifications

  • Four angled, steel blade tines
  • Bioengineered and well balanced for ease of use.
  • Tilling width – 14 inches, Tilling depth up to 7 inches.
  • Handle can be folded for easey storage.
  • The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller Weighs 17 pounds
  • Full 2-year warranty
  • Safety switch to stop unexpected startups

Sun Joe Garden Rototiller Review

The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller  is a popular brand of tiller with 68% of users rating it a 5 and followed by 24% rating it a 4,  so 92% of people who use this tiller were happy with its performance.

Users found the assembly of the Sun Joe garden rototiller to be pretty easy and appreciated the detailed manual that has very clear instructions. Most users were surprised with the power of the tiller and those who had done a bit of research liked the wide spacing of the cutting tines. Some users made the helpful comment that it is important to use a heavy duty extension cord to reduce the risk of engine over heating – 12 gauge is good.

Some thought it was a little bit light because penetration into the soil was low.  This may have been due to impatience, however, because others had no problem with the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller digging down and found if you didn’t move too fast and used a forward and back method the tiller worked fine. A lot of users cross-tilled anyway to get a better result all over.

I think that a slower more careful approach to using the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller will pay dividends for the user. You can’t expect any rototiller to do a 100% job if undertaken at a slow walking pace. From comments made it is clear that the user has to judge how the rototiller performs as they progress, and trial and error will tell them how fast they can go and still cultivate to a good depth.

One thing that impressed a lot of the users was the strength of the tines when rocks or stones got stuck in them. The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller would stop automatically and users would then hammer the offending rock out of the tines fearing the worst – but once the rock was dislodged, the tines were undamaged and the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller fired into action once more.

Some thought the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller  would be improved if it had wheels and others were a bit concerned how much soil it threw up.

One reviewer had seven raised beds totaling about 200 ft2 and it took her about an hour to till all these beds with her Sun Joe Garden Rototiller. The power was supplied by a small solar system charging two, 115 amp hr RV batteries, and using a 2000 watt inverter and she didn’t find the work strenuous. The reviewer was 68 years young.

In light of what we have read and seen we would strongly recommend the Sun Joe Garden Rototiller.


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