Home is our personal space where we feel safe and relaxed. We start feeling homesick if we stay away from our home for long time. This is because; we have a special attachment with our house. The dearest to us after our family is our house. The primary reason behind this is, as like our family, we share lot of ups and downs, happiness and sadness with our house too.

Interior decoration is for making our home comfy and pleasant. But it is not an easy job to design the interior. This is why we hire an interior designer and spend lots of money decorating our house. What if we add up some innovative ideas and make this place even more relaxing on our own? This is not as difficult as we take it. Just some innovation in our thinking and we are half done. To help you out in decorating the house on your own, here are some innovative ideas.

First and foremost, colors of your walls are imperative. Rather than opting for the same off-whites and whites, go for colors which are brighter and full of life. Mostly brown and orange, yellow and green, blue and pink combination work well to give your house that lively look.

Another important thing is, color the walls according to the size of room. If the room is smaller, paint it with faint colors to make the room appear spacious. Darker colors can go well with bigger rooms. Try energetic red, calm green, warm yellow etc.

Another great idea would be to integrate structures right into the design. Cabinet built into the walls would look sleek and amazing. Lighting fixtures built into existing moldings can make a room brighter without adding clutter. You can even add a hidden cabinet where you can store important documents. Spaces for a whole fire proof safe box can even be created for a cleaner less cluttered look.

60% of the room should be colored with the lightest shade, 30% with mid-tone and the rest 10% with deeper one. This is a good color co-ordination for cozier and smarter looks whatever the size of your room is.

Coming to your furniture, go for furniture which goes well with color of walls. Choose appropriate colors to make a great combination of furniture and walls. If your furniture is more colorful, go for bright colors for the walls. On the other hand if your furniture has light colors, switch on to deep colors for walls. This will make a perfect balance of the color scheme.

One interesting accessory to decorate your house can be small indoor plants. This will give a natural look to your house and you can feel more relaxed. Place the plants near wall which will match with their green color. Placing a plant near a wall having yellow color is the best idea to make it look awesome and highlighting.

Co-ordinate the color of walls and your furniture accessories like cushion with the wall colors. Pillow-covers exactly matching one of your wall’s colors will look magnificent.

Another important interior decoration accessory is lights. Lights add that extra charm to your house. Wide varieties of stylish lights are available which can decorate your house beautifully.


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